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Foundation $ Looking Better.

December 21, 2010

You may have already seen the report from The Foundation Center, Moving Beyond the Economic Crisis.  I am a little behind in my reading, because I was devoted to studying for my final.  I got an A in the course, thanks for asking.  So what could be better than my grade…………? The key findings of [...]

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Board Members, Know Your Role

December 13, 2010

Too often there are complaints from Chief Executives of Nonprofit Organizations that some of their board members get overly involved in matters that do not fall within the scope of their role.  The Board of Directors should delegate authority to the Chief Executive for the operations of the organization.  Dan Pallotta recently wrote an article [...]

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How is Philanthropy a Bad Thing?

December 10, 2010

The Giving Pledge was in the news again this week.  17 more super wealthy people committed to giving away half of their wealth to charity.  Sounds great to me, but it seems some want to complain about it.  According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Some nonprofit experts are concerned, though, about how quickly the pledges [...]

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Do You Know Jumo?

December 6, 2010

 The latest talk in nonprofit technology is Jumo.  What is Jumo?  Here is a snippet from their website:   Based on what I have read about Jumo and after  setting up my own account, I must say, I am not impressed.  I really don’t see the functionality or the point.  The best overview of it [...]

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