Never Stop Learning

This morning I had the pleasure of  co-facilitating a seminar about evaluation, compensation and leadership development for nonprofit executives.  The audience was composed of board members of various nonprofits.  You can take a look at the presentation slide deck on the Transition Management Solutions website.  I thought the most interesting part of the discussion centered on the assessment of the nonprofit executive.

The strongest leaders I know are those who want to continue to learn, advance and grow professionally.  These folks would feel stagnated if they were not progressing in their leadership.  How do they know they are advancing if they are not being properly assessed?  Analysis of leadership should not be limited to an annual performance review.  There are several good assessment tools available.  I encourage you to get input on the assessment from more than just one type of group your leader directs.  Consider gathering input from many different stakeholders, including employees, funders, community partners and board members.  I think it is important to challenge board members and executives to not think of it as a criticism or analysis of weakness, but rather highlighting opportunities for growth.  If you start from a place of sincere desire for advancement, then the outcomes will be tremendous.

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